The invisible view ...

August 24, 2015

I've had a couple more smoky days at Baptiste Lookout, but I'm still enjoying life up here.

My friend Joyce headed back down the mountain yesterday morning, but another visitor arrived a few hours later – my intrepid friend Scott, who's been training for this adventure all summer.  Scott made it up the trail in good order, and I immediately sent him to work handling the radio and taking meteorological readings. It was great to see Scott again, and I hope he enjoyed the adventure of hiking up a Montana mountain.

Unfortunately, the smoke was particularly bad the entire time Scott was here, and he never got to see the view from the lookout catwalk. This was how things looked the last couple of days:

In contrast, here's what the same view looked like to me a couple of days earlier:

A dirty trick by Mother Nature, and a terrible reward for all of Scott's work!